Policies & Procedures

All the NSCB policies and procedures are regularly updated. From 2013-2014 the policy manual is hosted online by Fat Media. Please follow this link NSCB Policies and Procedures to find what you need.

The NSCB are committed to ensuring that local policies and procedures remain consistent and contemporary with government guidance and best practice. The policy manual will be reviewed every six months to ensure it is kept up to date.

Please note: Norfolk County Council has moved away from the Common Assessment framework (CAF) and is now working to a local Family Support Process (FSP). See also the Norfolk Early Help website.

These policies are designed to help professionals from all disciplines the guidance they need to safeguard children in all circumstances. The aim is to ensure that partner agencies are knowledgeable about policies and procedures, and have in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure compliance. Further support can be found by contacting the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub Team if required.

Version 2 of the Threshold Guide is now included as part of the Multi-Agency Policy Framework (Chapter 1). This document is designed to support professionals to assess the level of need for the children and families they are working with.

Please note that is currently a working consultation document together with the Strategic Framework and the final version will be made available in April 2016.

The policy manual was last updated 1st March 2016. All updates are flagged in the manual and include local guidance to prevent extremism.