How to Raise a Concern

From 17 October 2018, the MASH will no longer be accepting written referrals including NSCB1 forms. The new process is explained below.

Children’s Advice and Duty Service

If you are a professional, i.e. working with a child or young person in a formal or voluntary setting and not a family member or member of the public, you can contact the Children’s Advice and Duty Service on their direct line: 0344 800 8021.

If you are a member of the public you can do this through Norfolk County Council’s Customer Services on 0344 800 8020.

For any call raising concerns about a child, the Children’s Advice and Duty Service will ask for:

  • all of the details known to you/your agency about the child;
  • their family composition including siblings, and where possible extended family members and anyone important in the child’s life;
  • the nature of the concern and how immediate it is;
  • Any and what kind of work/support you have provided to the child or family to date.
  • They will also need to know where the child is now and whether you have informed parents/carers of your concern.

    Notice to Callers:

    • Preparing for the conversation: please see the tools developed by the Children’s Advice and Duty Service to support communication. This includes, FAQs and a flow chart. Please remember to record your concerns for your internal audit trail.
    • Consent: Please can you ensure you seek consent for the referrals unless the concerns being raised suggest that the child/children or someone else (including the referrer) would be placed at risk of significant harm, or it might undermine a criminal investigation if the parents/carers are informed. Reasons for not seeking consent should be clearly stated when speaking with Children’s Advice and Duty Service and recorded on internal systems for your records.

    For more information see the Norfolk Threshold Guide.

    Child Protection Conference Documents

  • Multi-Agency Child Protection Conference Report Form – revised September 2018
  • Guidance Notes for Multi-Agency Conference Report
  • Guidance regarding provision of agency reports to ICPC RCPC
  • Professionals Briefing – Child Protection Conferences (Signs of Safety Implementation)
  • Professionals Views and Parents Views Decision Form
  • Parents/Carers Views for Conference
  • Guidelines for consideration of a Child Protection Plan
  • East of England Transfer of Child Protection Plans
  • Core Group Meeting Recording Template
  • Child Protection Conference Booking Form