Children & Young People

We are the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership. This part of the website is for any children or young people to come and get some advice over difficult issues.

If you feel worried about something, talking about it can help make you feel better. The best thing to do is talk to an adult, a friend or someone who you know you can trust. But if you can’t tell anyone you know, you can always talk to us instead.

We are here to listen if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, or feel like you are in danger. It doesn’t matter if it is a problem at school, at home or even on the internet – it is our job to listen, and try to help as much as we can.

It is our job to keep you safe.

Here are some guides that may help:

Coronavirus information for children

There have been big changes in our lives because of coronavirus, so the Children’s Commisson have created a children’s guide to coronavirus to help explain the situation.

The guide aims to answer your questions about coronavirus, tell you how to stay safe and protect other people and how to help you make the best of your time at home.

Click here for further information and guidance around the coronavirus.

Norfolk Safe Spaces

Click here to see information about Norfolk’s safe spaces which is a scheme for anyone aged 12+ who may feel vulnerable/scared when out in public places and who may need extra help and support when they are out in the community.