YMCA Norwich Anti-Bullying project, NR3 and NR5

4th November 2019

YMCA are running an anti-bullying project in NR3 and NR5 for Young People aged between 11-19 (or up to 25 with additional learning needs).

YMCA hold weekly Support Groups 5-7pm fortnightly between YMCA 7, Waldegrave (NR5) and Catton Grove Community Centre (NR3) where they offer support and guidance around bullying in group or 1-1 activities as well as a chill out space, games and consoles and refreshments. They offer practical group or 1-1 therapeutic resources such as: turning negativity into positive, goal setting, coping mechanisms.

As part of the project, they also offer weekly school Peer Mentoring where they do an 8-week program at local high schools setting up an Anti-Bullying Group where the students complete an accredited ASDAN Peer Mentoring course. The group then becomes student-led when they have completed the course as ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassadors’ at their school. They could also run Peer Mentoring at other charities, churches or groups.

Would you be interested in this?

Click here for information for the NR5 sessions.

Click here for information for the NR3 sessions.

Click here for the Anti-Bullying Peer Mentoring referral form.

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