URGENT – Do you know of any carers without access to computers/the internet?

6th April 2020

**If you know carers who might benefit –
reply needed by 4pm Monday 6th April to Andy.McGowan@caringtogether.org**

Caring Together have been invited to the 2nd round to be considered to be part a programme set up specifically on the back of covid-19 to help get the most vulnerable people online at this difficult time by providing access to computers/the internet.
Whilst there is no guarantee that they will get any devices, this national programme is moving quickly (as is everything) and so to ensure we have the best chance of ensuring access to this programme for carers, they would really appreciate if you could get back to them if you think you might have any carers who would benefit. To be eligible, the carer (or someone in the household in the case of young carers) needs to meet the following 3 criteria:

1. Aged 18 or over

2. Has no access to the internet at home and who cannot afford to buy a device and connectivity

3. Fits into at least one of the following categories of vulnerability (the first one will apply to most carers!):

– Someone in the household has an underlying health condition or disability
– Received a letter from the NHS asking them to self-isolate (shield) for 12 weeks
– Has a low income (not defined by the funder)
– Aged 70 or above
– Has no social support network either nearby or at a distance

If you do know of anyone who you are supporting who might be able to benefit, please do not send any details about them as this stage – Caring Together just need to know that you have carers who might benefit from this scheme. If they are successful, then they would need to work to get the details from you most probably by the end of Tuesday at the latest and if response exceeds supply (we don’t know how many devices we would get, if we do get any) then they will put together a simple application form based on the above criterion.

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