Threshold Guide Review Questionnaire

21st April 2022

The Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) is responsible for ensuring we have a threshold guide in place for professionals working to safeguard children. We are proud of the document we produced but this is now due for a refresh. We are aware that the document cannot remain static but at the same time we need to have something that stands the test of time. The areas we are working on developing/amending will include:

  • Clarifying prevention and early help offer in reference to tiers of need
  • Building a picture of cumulative need
  • More details linked to priorities – e.g. more on contextual safeguarding in relation to vulnerable adolescents
  • Domestic abuse with reference to changes to legislation

We are really interested in understanding how partners use the threshold guide to support us in our review work so would be grateful if you could take 10 minutes to feedback to using the link below to a survey. It is important that the document makes sense and is useful to the people working directly with children so you are integral to the revision process.

Click here for the Threshold Guide Review Questionnaire

The deadline for submitting your responses is Tuesday 31 May.

Please also make your colleagues aware of this questionnaire and ask them to complete this.

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