See Something, Hear Something, Say Something Campaign

8th April 2020

A county-wide campaign is being launched on Thursday 9th April calling on communities to look out for children and young people, during the current coronavirus lockdown. Entitled See Something, Hear Something, Say Something, the campaign focuses on keeping children safe, as families face the pressure of staying at home for this prolonged period.

Schools, nurseries and colleges are currently closed to the vast majority of children and, in addition, children cannot currently visit relatives and friends, or go to their usual clubs and activities. This means lots of the opportunities that children had to tell us when they were scared have disappeared. There are also fewer eyes and ears on children, potentially placing them at greater risk.

Referrals and contacts to the County Council have fallen over the last fortnight and in response those across the partnership are looking for new ways to reach out to children, families and the wider public.

Tomorrow, a radio, media and social media campaign will be launched with a call to action for the public. Next week, a further social media campaign will be aimed at getting messages to children and young people. This will include promoting a new text service, which is currently being developed. We will be developing further targeted messages across the partnership as the pandemic continues.

We’re also keen to get across the message that we are here to help families. We understand the pressures people are facing and want families to get in touch if they are struggling.

Our priority must be to ensure children are safe from fear, abuse and harm.

What you can do to help

If you don’t already, please follow the County Council on Facebook and Twitter and the Safeguarding Partnership on Twitter @NorfolkLSCP. You can then like and share the campaign with your followers, helping to spread the message. Please ask your communication’s team to do the same.

You could also make this poster available on your own webpages and social media channels, where this is appropriate.

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