“Don’t take risks” for Safer sleep for babies

16th December 2021

A new campaign from NSCP and Just One Norfolk (Cambridge Community Services) has been launched urging new parents not to take risks with their babies’ sleeping arrangements.

The three new videos highlight the risks of changing routines, alcohol consumption and over tiredness leading to risks being taken in babies’ sleeping arrangements. The videos and supporting information are available on the Just One Norfolk website.

Understanding Safer Sleep

Safer sleep guidelines are really important to help keep your baby safe. If you’re away from home or out of routine over the Festive season, make sure you plan ahead for your babies’ sleeping arrangements. Don’t take risks, and never share a bed with your baby if you’ve had any alcohol. It is recommended that babies should sleep in their own cot, crib or pram for the first six months.

This local campaign continues the work to promote Safer Sleep to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as cot death. There are some simple things that parents can do to help keep a baby safe whilst sleeping; these easy to remember guidelines are a great place to start:

  • Put babies on their back to sleep
  • Make sure babies have their own clear, flat space to sleep in
  • If you’re considering co-sleeping, speak to a health professional for advice
  • Keep babies in a smoke free environment

Chris Robson, Independent Chair of Norfolk Safeguarding Children’s Partnership, said “Ensuring that parents are aware of the risks of co-sleeping is vital, especially at this time of year. Christmas parties, visits to family and time off work can all lead to changing routines and unexpected circumstances and making decisions on the spur of the moment. We’re urging parents to ensure that they don’t take risks when thinking about their babies’ sleeping arrangements.”

Sian Larrington, Head of Service for the Norfolk and Waveney Children and Young People’s Health Services, said “Producing these videos has been really hard to do; it’s an upsetting topic to address and has been a journey for everyone involved. We understand that is a very difficult and emotive subject to talk about but unfortunately babies can die when adults don’t follow safer sleeping advice, and this is so tragic for families.”

Further Information

The Just One Norfolk website provides a range of information on safer sleeping for children at different ages. You can also access support and advice for parents and carers with questions or concerns.  www.justonenorfolk.nhs.uk/safersleep

Parents can also call 0300 3000 123 for support from Just One Number. In emergencies always call 999.

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