Publication of new AILC report on Ofsted Reviews of LSCBs, and JTAIs.

24th October 2016

The AILC have issued a Press Release and the publication of their fifth Review of Ofsted Inspection Reports of LSCBs.

This invaluable report includes a review of the last few months reports by Ofsted, a comparison of judgements with previous cohorts, and a list of comments made about LSCB Chairs. This time, they also present Ofsted’s JTAI commentaries regarding LSCBs, as well as results of AILC’s interviews with Chairs who have experienced a JTAI recently.

They are very pleased to announce that, for the first time, this cohort has shown that the most common judgement for LSCBs is GOOD. This is cause for celebration for all LSCBs, their Chairs and Business Managers.

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