Policy updates: November 22

1st December 2022

We’ve recently updated as part of our work to ensure we’re upholding best practice in all aspects of our work.

Firstly, the Safeguarding Medical Examinations Policy has been designed to help practitioners from all agencies understand when a safeguarding medical examination may be helpful in the assessment of a child or young person when there are safeguarding concerns. The policy looks in detail at the type of assessment that might be needed, the process of organising one and how to ensure the safety of a child and young person throughout.

Secondly, our Practice Guidance for Safeguarding Diverse Ethnic Minority CYP & Families has been reframed to explore:

  • Importance of understanding faith & culture when making assessments and decisions
  • Barriers experienced by diverse ethnic minority CYP & families incl. racism, discrimination and
    adultification of CYP
  • Impact of poverty on diverse ethnic minority people and how this relates to safeguarding
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