Child Sexual Abuse Resources

  • NSCP Child Sexual Abuse Strategy – Revised September 2017
  • CSA Strategy At a glance A3 September 2017
  • NSCP CSA Action Plan template
  • Child Sexual Abuse Information Booklet – September 2017
  • CSA Profile

  • CSA Profile 2017 Powerpoint
  • CSA Conference 2017

    In association with the Sue Lambert Trust, the NSCB held a 2 day CSA Conference on 13th & 14th November 2017 at Dunston Hall. Here are some of the powerpoints from the day:

  • Day 1 – Item 3 – Jacqui Hanson Presentation – Public Perceptions of CSA
  • Day 1 – Item 4 – Dr Elly Hanson – Intra-familiar CSA – Access for Conference Day 1 attendees only
  • Day 1 – Item 8 – Harmful Sexual Behaviour
  • Day 1 – Item 9 – Dr Elly Hanson – Disclosure – Access for Conference Day 1 attendees only
  • Day 2 – Item 4 – Fay Maxted – Debunking myths
  • Day 2 – Items 6 & 8 – Sue Lambert Trust – Workshops 1 & 2
  • Day 2 – Item 7 – Lucy Delap – History of childhood sexual abuse
  • Day 2 – Item 9 – Role of the SARC
  • Further CSA Resources

  • Letter to Primary Schools on raising awareness of CSA using NSPCC Pants Toolkit – July 2015
  • Link to the NSPCC ‘PANTS’ Underwear Rule Campaign
  • NSPCC ‘PANTS’ song and animation
  • NSPCC ‘PANTS’ Underwear Rule flyer for parents
  • NSPCC ‘PANTS’ Underwear Rule flyer for children
  • No one noticed, no one heard – A study of disclosures of childhood abuse by the NPSCC
  • Resources Document for Professionals
  • Child Sexual Abuse Through Exploitation – Leaflet
  • CEOP Resources: The Thinkuknow Toolkit
  • Safeguarding Children Abused Through Domestic Abuse – Eastern Region Good Practice Handbook
  • Seriously Awkward: How vulnerable 16-17 year olds are falling through the cracks
  • Together, we can tackle child abuse – DfE campaign toolkit
  • Click here to see some NSPCC resources on preventing child sexual abuse including information on some useful books for people working with children including Developing personal safety skills in children with disabilities.

    Harmful Sexual Behaviour Project

    Recent NSPCC research and emerging data from the NSCP and Norfolk and Suffolk Constabulary highlights the scale of Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) in children and young people and the patchy, uncoordinated response to addressing it.

    Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) and Norfolk Youth Offending Team (NYOT) have formed a partnership to deliver a Norfolk response to addressing HSB. The HSB project aims to create a skilled workforce, confident in assessing and intervening across all levels of HSB in children and young people.

    The HSB project will be providing a range of training in relation to HSB from improving basic skills in recognising HSB to specialist bespoke training for professionals working with more complex cases.

    Professionals will also be able to seek consultations in respect of any child under 18 living in Norfolk and Waveney where there are concerns or worries about HSB.

    For further information or a case consultation, please contact Francesca Burgess, Richard Hinton (HSB Specialists) or Dr Michelle Trollope (Clinical Lead) at

    Some useful new web pages which have been recently launched by The Harmful Sexual Behaviour team. The team’s specialists in psychology and harmful sexual behaviour are skilled at all levels of intervention. The new webpages, which have sections for young people, parents and carers, and professionals, can be found here. These new pages aim to help the transition into more digital ways of working and provide a useful resource for professionals.

    Stop It Now – Harmful Sexual Behaviour Prevention Toolkit