New website for professionals who work with children of alcohol misusing parents

4th July 2019

As part of the government’s programme to support children of alcohol dependent parents the Department of Health & Social Care have funded the Children’s Society to develop a website aimed at practitioners.

CAPE (children of alcoholic parents engagement) is a new, national capacity building programme for professionals who work with and support children affected by parental alcohol misuse. CAPE aims to improve the outcomes for children of alcohol misusing parents by increasing professional awareness and understanding; and ensuring better identification and support for those at risk.

The site provides a mix of digital support & training resources, awareness raising sessions and more formalised training events. It is populated with practitioner focused resources for those providing immediate support to affected young people and also links to organisations that can provide tailored support.

The functionality of the website allows professionals to opt-in to receive communication via the subscription function and we will be developing communities of interest using current networks, regional training workshops and face-to-face engagement. The subscription function will support these communities through regular and targeted mailing aligned to regional activity, project advances and upcoming dates for our training workshops.

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