New Directions Landing Pack

15th November 2017

New Directions are excited to release their Landing Pack for all staff working in Children’s Services. The pack includes the underpinning values and beliefs around the Edge of Care service that New Directions offer, and sets out the referral criteria, processes and what you can expect from their interventions for children, young people and their families.

Please speak to Emma Lewis the New Directions Head of Service if you have any questions or comments, as your feedback will help to continually develop this service to meet Norfolk’s needs.

Emma’s email address is:

Pack and Appendix

New Directions Landing Pack 2017

Appendix 1 – Theory of Change

Appendix 2 – Norfolk Locality Children’s Resource Panel Terms of Reference

Appendix 3 – Norfolk Locality Children’s Resource Panel Referral Form

Appendix 4 – New Directions Business Process Flowchart

Appendix 5 – Referral Criteria and Process

Appendix 6 – New Directions Written Agreement

Appendix 7 – New Directions Closure Report

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