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5th March 2019

You may have seen news over the last few days about an image or “challenge” being used on messaging apps, which is being used to scare children and young people and to steal personal information. The image, known as MOMO, is being used to add people on messaging services, with some reports of threats against young people or their families.

This is in no way connected to the Mind Of My Own (MOMO) app used by young people to tell us about services, add to their reviews and make complaints. That app is tried and tested and is safe for children and young people. We have been in touch with the creators of the app and in the future the app will be branded as Mind Of My Own, without the shortened version of the name. Please see their message below, for further information.

The current news is a reminder of the importance of supporting children and young people to stay safe online. There is a range of information on the Just One Norfolk site which can be shared with parents, children and other professionals.

Forget MOMO, we’re Mind Of My Own

Firstly, everyone at Mind Of My Own would like to thank our community for messages of support over the last few days. They have all been very gratefully received.

As we are sure you are aware from our previous communications there is unfortunately now a very negative connotation of the acronym, MOMO, which we have been using as a short version of our name for the last few years.

Over the last couple of days there has been significant coverage in the press into what was a hoax, however, there are likely to be real copycat events in the following period of time. As a force for good for children and young people our apps do not need to have a name synonymous with negative things. We have therefore taken the decision to no longer use the abbreviated version of Mind Of My Own.

From today, we will refer to our apps as, One app, Express and the service portal.

We will work quickly and start with everything children and young people come into contact with most frequently. This will include the following:
• A new logo design which is already underway and will start to appear everywhere the MOMO logo existed
• We are working with our developers to make changes within the apps in timely way
• Our website will be updated as soon as we have our new logos
• We will systematically update our resource library as quickly as we can so you can start sharing it again in your organisations (some of this will be happening today)

All the team will be searching for any references to MOMO and replacing it with Mind Of My Own. Later on today we will be adding new posters to the resource library and will systematically work through updating everything.

Things you can do to help us …

Most companies take many months to plan and initiate a rebranding so please be patient with us. You can help us by removing all printed materials which make reference to MOMO.

As always, as we progress we will keep you fully informed of where things are up to as we work through these changes.

If you have any questions please contact your account manager or myself directly.

Best wishes,

Jill Thorburn
Mind Of My Own

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