Launch of Prevent Mental Health Guidance

15th November 2017

NHS England has launched new guidance and e-learning to support mental health providers and professionals to exercise their duties to safeguard vulnerable people at risk of radicalisation. These products build on existing guidance Prevent, Channel and sector safeguarding guidance.

The new guidance sets out expectations and considerations that mental health providers and professionals should take into account when exercising these duties. This includes prevent responsibilities of mental health providers; the process for Prevent referrals from mental health providers; the role of mental health providers in the Prevent process; and the process for referrals into mental health services from Prevent.

This will be of particular interest to channel chairs, as Section 7 of the guidance outlines access to mental health services for those identified as being at risk of radicalisation.

The e-learning provides Prevent training for mental health professionals, tailored with profession specific content and examples, to develop awareness and confidence in identifying and supporting people at risk of radicalisation in a mental health setting.

Both products can be found on the NHS England website but click here to read the guidance for ease of reference.

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