Free Online Safety Briefing – 17th May 2017

26th April 2017

The UK Safer Internet Centre will be carrying out Online Safety Briefings in May in the East of the UK.
This is a free 2 hour update on online issues and is aimed at a multi-agency audience.

The session will be at held on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at Great Yarmouth College, Suffolk Road, Great Yarmouth NR31 0ED from 9:30 – 11:30am

Please contact Emma Furness, Learning Services Team Lead, Great Yarmouth College – – 01493 418323

The subjects covered are as follows:

Changes in technology – This section looks at the current landscape in relation to platforms in use by children and adults. Looking at both popular and sometimes more obscure it describes how young people are today utilising the different platforms. Concentrating on behaviour and describing positives and potential negatives of the platforms/devices. Also provides a view via many commentators on digital trends, what comes next. Contextualises many of the different ways young people use tech and how that can sometimes vary widely from how older adults engage.

Research – Evaluates the current research field highlighting concerns around wellbeing. Looks at current issues such as screen time, privacy, digital literacy, gaming and critical thinking and how young people are influenced by peer pressure (FOMO- fear of missing out) and body image issues. Research is provided by today’s top academics and via some anecdotal experiences from the presenters who work widely with young people.

Regulations – Discusses organisational responsibilities around legal requirements, examples would be the Data Protection Act and the new European wide ‘General Data Protection Regulations’ soon to come into force. Includes sections on the Counter Terrorism and Security Act and organisational responsibilities in schools and elsewhere. The new guidelines around Sexting issued by the United Kingdom Council for Child Internet Safety and dovetailed advice from the NPCC is also highlighted and issues discussed. There will also be a section on Grooming with a case study and a look at the current threat assessment from the NCA around online sex offending. A brief input on the new revision around Sexual Communication with a child will also be present.

Resources – There are many, many resources out there to provide support and help to the children’s’ workforce and other agencies. This section will provide links, access and description of where the best can be found, many of them free.

Services – Like resources there are many paid for services available and these will be highlighted. Amongst them are one day courses for social workers and police. Included are introductions to the likes of a paid for monitoring service which provides schools with a method of understanding and dealing with problems should anyone be using their school access to attempt to find known child sexual abuse or recognised terrorism/radicalisation sites. Links will also be provided to a ‘free’ full online safety curriculum designed for the UK in conjunction with Common Sense Media in the US. Available for use in schools it can also be useful for those working in schools carrying out online safety messages.

The session does cover some of the new law but goes into grooming methodology, sexting and the law including the advice issued by NPCC. It is also very useful for staff working with or in schools as it will provide them with a broader picture of the schools issues and responsibilities and points of view from other agencies. On a final note it will also point staff towards useful resources and (if competent/confident) training resources they can use themselves.

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