CP CONFERENCING & Business Support Important updates

3rd August 2018

Please see below update from Gaynor Bane, Independent Reviewing Manager

Conference Booking Form

The Booking Form for Conferences has been amended and now reflects: Advocacy, Mobility/Access needs, Interpreters and Exclusion letters.


We need to record any Exclusions as this is a decision that we cannot take lightly and so there needs to be an audit trail – therefore an Exclusion letter has been devised.

Child Protection Plans

From the 3rd April 2018, where Conferences are held in Norfolk County Council buildings, the expectation is that all attendees at a Child Protection Conference will leave the Conference with the agreed Outline Child Protection Plan.

At the end of the Conference, Attendees will be asked to wait a few minutes to enable the CPA to collect the Plans from the Printers – Attendees will be asked to sign the attendance sheet to confirm that they have received a copy.

All non-attendees will be sent an electronic copy (as currently happens).

For Non NCC buildings we will need to distribute Child Protection Plans as we currently do.

Conference Process

Alongside the Conference Booking Form for ICPC’s SW’s will receive a copy of the attached Conference Process.

The intent is that this may prove to be a useful aide memoire for SW’s.

Click here to view the Child Protection Conferencing Process

Click here to view the New Child Protection Conference Booking Form

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