Changes to Threshold guidance, the MASH consultation line and CP conferences

11th July 2017

Threshold Supplementary Guidance

Children’s Services have been working with partners to produce some descriptors which will clarify the thresholds for intervention at every stage of a child’s journey. This Threshold Supplementary Guidance document is to be used alongside the Norfolk Threshold Guide. This supplementary guidance has been provided in its barest form to ensure that children are getting the right services at the right time for the right duration, and will be illustrated to tie the information together with the Threshold Guide over the summer and hard copies of the illustrated versions will be available in the Autumn Term.

MASH consultation line

The consultation line is a service provided by children’s social care that sits within the MASH. The Children’s Services MASH Manager has reviewed the use of the consultation line and as of Monday 10 July professional consultation will take place through the one MASH number to ensure that this is very much day to day business. There will no longer be an option for an anonymous consultation. If a child is discussed with the MASH then there will be a record of what was advised on a child’s file and the rationale for this.

Changes to CP conferences

Following feedback from Ofsted we are making changes to the format of Child Protection Conferences and the way Child Protection Plans are written with the purpose of more clearly evidencing identified risk for children.
The outcome of these changes will be that risks will be clearly understood by all directly involved in the child’s life. Identification and onward management of the detailed plan of action to reduce these risks will become the responsibility of family members and the multi-agency group involved with the child. The change in format will also enable the Independent Chair to better monitor progress and outcomes for the child from the ongoing safety planning. Click here to read about the changes.

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