It is our business to keep children safe.

Every Local Authority in the country has to have a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Agreement (MASA) in partnership with the Police and Health. In Norfolk, the Norfolk Safeguarding Children Partnership (NSCP) is led by the 3 statutory partners who work together with other local agencies including the voluntary sector to make sure that children are protected from harm and that their welfare is promoted. The NSCP has robust independent scrutiny arrangements to ensure that people working with children carry out their safeguarding responsibilities as required by the law.

Our work is underpinned by the government document Working Together

people working with children

People Working With Children

There is a wide range of professionals who have a duty to keep children safe from harm, protect their welfare and support them to achieve their potential. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility, so it is important that professionals have the knowledge and experience to fulfil their duties. The Board provides advice and guidance to frontline staff on multi-agency safeguarding procedures.

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parents, carers & the community

Parents, Carers & The Community

Parents want to do their best for children but all families go through hard times at some point, so need to know where to go for help. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility so parents and carers are not on their own but part of a community. The Board provides advice and guidance to families, carers and the community on where to go for help.

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children & young people

Children & Young People

Children and Young People are at the heart of everything we do; it is important that they feel safe wherever they are in Norfolk. Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and children need to know that the adults in their lives are there to help them feel safe. The Board provides advice and guidance for children as well as information about what they can expect from the people who come into contact with them.

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the nscb learning zone

The NSCB Learning Zone

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serious case reviews

Serious Case Reviews

Full Reports

Policies & Procedures

The NSCB are committed to ensuring that local policies and procedures remain consistent and contemporary with government guidance and best practice. The policy manual will be reviewed every six months to ensure it is kept up to date. These policies are designed to help professionals from all disciplines the guidance they need to safeguard children in all circumstances.

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Board Priorities

The Board’s priorities are to identify and tackle cases of neglect, child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation. The Board is working on the priorities together with scrutiny of the consistency and quality of front-line practice, and hearing the voice of the child. Together these provide a focus for the work of the Board in challenging the overall pace of improvement. For more information see the NSCB's Business Plan.

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Signs of Safety

Signs of Safety is a social care philosophy which encourages much more direct work with families, which Norfolk has been putting in place since Autumn 2014. This exciting and innovative approach will enable Norfolk to move towards a strength based, solution-focused model. At the heart of this approach is working with families in an honest, straightforward and respectful way. For more information see the Signs of Safety Policy Statement.

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